2018 Spring Fair on 24th November

2018 Spring Fair on 24th November

The P&F is excited to announce another exciting event for our beloved school community for 2018. Our 2018 Annual Spring Fair.


It will be held on Saturday the 24th of November (which also happens to be St Mina’s feast) and it will be from 11am-4pm.
This year with God’s Grace and Will the day will be bigger and better with many more rides catered for older students. We hired a gaming bus that includes the latest in gaming technology, as well as old school arcade style games.


There will also be “bike and blend” which promotes active transport in our community and harnessing energy through natural resources. This will be in addition to our usual activities and rides from last year, as well as show bags, fairy floss, popcorn, Slurpee and a variety of delicious fair food.

To help give you the freedom of choice, we created two ride packages for $25 pre-purchased and $30 on the day.


1. The “young at heart” package for $25 will include unlimited rides to the following.

i. Unlimited turns on Bungee ride.
ii. Unlimited turns on 7D cinema ride
iii. Unlimited turns on ride on animals.
iv. Unlimited turns on mini jeeps ride
v. Unlimited turns on Chair-O-plane ride


2. Then there is the “teenage package” also for $25 which will include


1. 15 minutes on the games bus.
2. Unlimited turns on inflatable basketball games
3. Unlimited turns on inflatable twister games
4. Unlimited turns on inflatable soccer games
5. Unlimited turns on inflatable gladiator games


There will also be individual tickets for $5 for one turn at any of the above mentioned “10 rides” being sold on the day. So please book the day in your calendar, and get your pre-purchased tickets from the front office at Primary and High School. For any further information about the day please contact Sherry Selim, P&F president on 0428 033 713 or Mary Nicola, P&F treasurer on 0422 890 990.


CLICK HERE: Spring Fair 2018

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