Visit from School Liaison Officer

Visit from School Liaison Officer

Last week the local School Liaison Police Officer visited the secondary campus to speak with years 7-10 about using social media safely. He gave the students and staff information to assist them when using passwords, phones and computers.

In recent years the NSW Police appointed School Liaison Officers as education officers to assist schools in coping with the increasing use of technology both privately and in schools. The presentation was informative and after it the Officer gave the students an opportunity to ask some excellent questions.

Last year the P&F wrote a very good article in the newsletter about how to keep children safe when using technology. Could I please remind you that children shouldn’t have computers in their bedrooms and parents should insist that all devices are charged overnight somewhere outside of the bedroom. Many teenagers sleep with the phone under their pillow and messages are sent all through the night. It doesn’t allow young people to have a good night’s sleep.

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