Mission, Vision and Values


St. Mary and St. Mina’s Coptic Orthodox College aims to assist each child to grow up in the fullness of Christ.

As a family we aim to instruct our children in recognition that the fullness of knowledge is Christ.


To provide a holistic education which strives to enhance the spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural and physical potential of young people.

The nurturing and development of Disciples of Christ is our core focus and our academic growth is nurtured through that belief system.


St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox College has a strong and proud tradition as a Christian school walking steadfastly in Coptic Orthodox traditions.

Underpinning St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox College is our strong commitment to outstanding educational outcomes for our students.

Our purpose is to be a Christian learning community, characterised by excellence, which encourages our students to nurture their talents, achieve their best and bear witness to Christ.