Parents and Friends Association

Welcome to St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox Parents and Friends. Our Parents and Friends committee is comprised of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.


Parents are elected into these positions through a voting poll.  The main role of the P&F is to support the school in its extra-curricular activities.


Every year our P&F committee organises the following festivities:


  • Mothers’ day celebrations
  • Fathers’ day celebrations
  • Grandparents’ day celebrations
  • Patron Saints Day being St Mary on the 22nd of August
  • The year ends with our biggest event, the school fete.


P&F also help with fundraising activities such as Bunnings BBQ, Cadbury Chocolate sales and pizza days.


Once a term P&F holds a meeting with our parent run body to discuss ideas that we can implement to further promote the school and community whilst also using the opportunity to provide feedback to our head of College on ways to enhance the student-learning experience.


The current P&F Members are:
President: Sherry Selim
Vice President: George Nawar
Secretary: Mary Nicola
Treasurer: currently vacant.