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My name is Sarah Guirgies and I am the College Captain for 2018.

There is no question that the longer you are immersed in something, the more you become attached and that is only a small part of why I love my school.


The school has offered me a great deal; from academic excellence, to drama showcases, from sporting events (SWISSA, gala days, carnivals) to personal growth and mentoring from teachers. I’d like to expand on these points as they are integral to why I really love this school.


The school doesn’t have a large campus with hundreds of students but this is why I love it so much. Due to the small nature of the school you are encouraged to excel in everything as there is a focus on each student.


For me I know I would never have excelled in performance art if it weren’t for my teacher encouraging me by not just telling me that I can do it, but showing me that I can. Personally I wouldn’t have excelled academically if I were in a bigger school. As St Mary and St Mina’s is small, you feel comfortable asking questions because the people in your class aren’t just peers they become family and you’re encouraged by everyone. In summary, the school has not only made opportunities available to me, it has also nurtured in me a willingness to take and embrace them.


Sarah Guirgies