Head of College

We pride ourselves on our ability to help students believe and achieve.

St Mary’s and St Mina’ s Coptic Orthodox College is a wonderful school with proud traditions. The college is a non-selective school which takes pride in nurturing its students to unlock their full academic potential.

“Wisdom” and “Knowledge” are powerful words and I soon discovered there is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge at St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox College.

In the history of education in Australia, St Mary and St Mina’s has a brief history yet its academic excellence gives us much to celebrate and look forward to. Our graduates are successful men and women who have taken up the challenge of contributing to society and to their Church communities.

Within our school grounds, we have raised and educated strong, intelligent, confident contributors to society. The school is a co-educational K-12 College with a strong emphasis on the spiritual, academic, social and physical development of each person. The College strives to work in partnership with parents, to assist the students to be strong Christian men and women who lead a purpose-driven life.

We are grateful to those who established the College in 1999 and the leaders who have guided the College to this position of excellence over the years. The Church Fathers have been a constant and positive influence in the life of the College. Today, lay staff now lead the excellent educational day to day work at both campuses and we are blessed to be supported pastorally by many priests from various Coptic Orthodox parishes.

As we approach our 23rd year of education our hopes and dreams for a better future are born out of the words in our motto – “In whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge”.

Mr Francois David
Head of College