Our Leadership Team

Trish Veness - Head of College
Samer Nicola - Head of Primary
Robyn Garlick - Director of Studies

St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox College is an independent school and the Head of College Ms Trish Veness has confidently employed staff of the highest calibre.


Ms Veness was appointed by the School Board in 2015 and it is Ms Veness’ priority that the students of St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox College are cared for by excellent teachers who provide innovative, high quality learning experiences for all students.


  • Head of College – Trish Veness


  • Head of Primary – Samer Nicola


  • Director of Studies and Mathematics Coordinator – Robyn Garlick


  • Wellbeing Coordinator – Sandra Germann


  • Science Coordinator – Germeen Matthews


  • Administration Coordinator – Mena Gorgy


  • English and HSIE Coordinator – Olivia Radford


  • Literacy Coordinator – Iman Mikhail